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An Essay?

...I wonder sometimes.

About this world - about these horrible, terrible people in it. I wonder how it became so hard for them to love. The war, the discrimination, the every day lies and hurt that people thrive off of - it's all because they can't love anyone but themselves.

How could they forget something like that so easily? It's so simple, devoting yourself to someone else... when you find that one person who means everything to you, someone you'd do anything for, someone you'd die for, you want to give them everything you have to give - your heart, your body, your soul - just to see them smile one more time. It's a kind of love so basic and pure that it's a wonder no one can see it.

I can see it, of course. I've tried to show it to people - to give them that kind of love - but they don't want to listen. No... perhaps they can't listen. They're deaf to things that are good. They can see, but they can't understand that love. That's why they ignored me and continued trying to hurt me and the woman I love.

It's crazy, isn't it? If only everyone loved someone like I love Colette! If only they could understand what it means to give yourself to someone like I've given myself to her! Maybe things could have been different. Maybe we could have all lived in peace together. But that's not possible - no, all of the trash that can't bother to behold good things has got to go. Otherwise, it'll simply pollute the world I'm going to make for Colette and me... and I'd rather die than give her less than she deserves.
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